KColorChooser (Color Chooser)

KDE (Open Source)

KColorChooser (Color Chooser) is a graphics application developed by KDE. It is included in the kdegraphics package. The program enables users to pick any color from the screen or from a color palette. Colors that are picked up may be saved or added into Custom Colors.

KColorChooser (Color Chooser) features a light grey user interface. The upper left corner features the color picker tool. The upper left panel displays the color gradation window. It shows a full spectrum of color. Beside that is the full gradation of the selected color. For example, once the user selects the color blue from the spectrum, all the gradations of blue will be displayed on the larger window beside it. This gradation ranges from white to the lightest blue, to the darkest shade of blue until black.

Users can also choose among the preinstalled color collection by clicking on the drop down list. Below the color collection picker is a window where the different colors inside the collection are displayed. Users can also choose exactly the HTML code for the color they prefer. This is possible using the HTML input box and preview button on the lower right panel. Once a color is selected, users may change some configurations including Hue, Saturation, and Value. Users can also adjust the color by toggling the Red, Green, and Blue values.