KCharSelect (Character Selector)

KDE (Open Source)

KCharSelect (Character Selector) is a small utility developed by KDE. The program enables users to find and select special characters from all the fonts that are installed in the system. These characters can then be copied and pasted to clipboard for use on other applications. The program allows users to browse for characters by their name or the category they belong in. Aside from providing users with the actual characters, the program also provides information regarding a chosen character. Character information includes their aliases and general notes. The program also features cross references to other character sets or similar characters.

KCharSelect comes with technical usability. Characters are provided with their different representations and variations. The program also provides support for East Asian Characters via Unihan data. This enables users to find pronunciation information, as well as English definitions and translations for East Asian Characters.  

KCharSelect features a grey graphical user interface with menu options for File, Edit, Go, Settings, and Help. A text input panel on top enables users to type in the search term or the specific character to look for. There are three dropdown selections pertaining to the category, character type, and the applicable font. The specific characters are provided on the display window together with the other characters it is related to. The right hand panel displays the relevant information regarding a selected character.