KCalc (Scientific Calculator)

The KDE Team (Bundled)

KCalc is a scientific calculator that is bundled with the KDE-Desktop application. The program can be a substitute to the calculator program that comes with the computer. It also comes with more functions for solving advanced and more complicated mathematical and scientific equations. In addition to the basic functions of a calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,) the program also comes with more functions for solving statistics, algebraic equations, trigonometry, and many others.

The program has an interface that is just like a physical calculator, which makes it easy to use for just about anyone who utilizes a scientific calculator. Users can cut and paste on the program’s display, and change the settings for more precise results. Moreover, the application can be used without the help of a mouse as it supports key binding. This enables users to do calculations just by using the keyboard.

Here are the other features of the KCalc program:

• The calculator’s main interface can be changed by the user according to preference (font and colors)
• Easy to use and does not clog up system resources
• Works just like a physical scientific calculator
• Comes with a comprehensive help file for topics on how to use the program