KBreakOut (Breakout-like Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KBreakOut (Breakout-like Game) is a simple arcade game developed by KDE as part of its kdegames or KDE Games package. This package includes simple arcade games for any student or learner. The game is similar to the game Breakout. It is of the ball buster arcade game genre. In this game, the player controls a paddle from which to launch a golden ball. The ball bounces up to the row of bricks at the top. The moment the ball touches the brick, it is either destroyed or weakened. Some balls break just with one bounce, while some balls break only after 2 or 3 bounces. These balls are differentiated by their color and design. The paddle controls the speed, velocity, and direction of the ball. It receives the ball as it falls to the ground, and bounces it towards the direction of the bricks. The moment the ball touches the ground, the game is finished. Thus, the player must make sure that the ball does not touch the ground.  The ball also bounces off the ceiling and the walls.

KBreakOut (Breakout-like Game) features an Egyptian-inspired game interface. The game background features Egyptian drawings, mummies, as well as the pyramids. The bricks are designed Egyptian symbols. The ball and the paddle are both golden, in keeping with the Egyptian themed design.