KBounce (Ball Bouncing Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KBounce (Ball Bouncing Game) is a puzzle arcade game developed by KDE. The game is a variation of the ball bouncer game included as part of the kdegames or KDE Games package. The game is played on a field filled with bouncing balls. The field is surrounded by one layer of brick. The goal of the player is build more walls and fill the field with more bricks, without the cursor touching any of the bouncing balls. The moment the cursor touches any of the balls, one life is consumed. The player has 5 lives at the beginning of the game. Controlling the cursor is done using the mouse. The ultimate goal is to restrict the movement of the balls by building new walls and decreasing the area of the active field, within the time provided. However, users need not enclose all of the balls in just one active field. The balls may scattered across the field, enclosed in other walls of bricks.

KBounce (Ball Bouncing Game) features grey and brown user interface. The menu bar features three options—Game, Settings, and Help. Function buttons include the New and Pause buttons.  The status bar displays the current level, the current score, and the percentage of the remaining active field. The number of remaining lives, as well as remaining time is likewise displayed in the status bar.