KBlocks (Falling Blocks Game)

Mauricio Piacentini (Open Source)

KBlocks is a video game that is based on the classic game of Tetris. In the game, There are blocks in different shaped and colors falling down from the top of the screen. The player’s goal is to last as long in the game without the blocks reaching the top of the game grid. In order to remove blocks from the game grid, players must form a complete horizontal line out of the falling blocks. The next block that will fall from the top of the screen is shown at the right side of the game window. The blocks fall faster as the player gets to higher levels.

At the bottom of the game screen, players can view the number of points that they have, the number of lines that need to be removed to get to the next level, and the level number. There is also a drop down menu on the bottom right part of the window that can be used to change the game’s level of difficulty. There are three difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard.

More features of the game are:

• Game is suitable for the entire family
• Does not clog up system resources
• Caters to players of all skill levels