KBlackBox (Blackbox Logic Game)

KDE Education Project (Open Source)

KBlackBox (Blackbox Logic Game) is a logic game developed by KDE. It is an arcade game of hide and seek where the player seeks for hidden balls scattered across a black box. The goal of the game is to deduce where the ball might be through beams of light on all sides of the box. Shooting the beams from the side and observing where the light shines through or emerges, the player can logically guess where the hidden balls might be.

KBlackBox (Blackbox Logic Game) is a time restraint game. However, the game only starts the moment the player shoots the first laser. It utilizes not just lasers but also balls and markers to guess the location of the hidden balls. Players can move across the board using the arrow keys or the mouse. They can mark the locations where they are sure that no hidden balls are located. Marking a specific box is done by clicking the left mouse button. Users may press enter or click the marked box to remove the mark. Players can place the balls in the box to mark the location of a hidden ball. Once the player is sure of the location of all of the hidden balls, they can click on the Done! button. The program will then display the correct solution. The player will be scored according to the number of lasers used, the result of the use of the lasers, and the time it took for the player to guess the location of the hidden balls.