KAtomic (Sokoban-like Logic Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KAtomic (Sokoban-like Logic Game) is a logic and educational game developed by KDE as part of its kdegames package. The game is deemed educational because it includes elements of molecular geometry. The game involves the different elements of particular molecules scattered across the board. The goal of the player is to gather all of the atoms that comprise the molecule, and assemble the molecule. The player ascends to the next level once the molecule is correctly assembled. For example, a molecule of water is composed of 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atoms. These atoms are scattered across a background of Egyptian maze of rooms.

KAtomic (Sokoban-like Logic Game) features a simple gameplay. A maze of rooms separated by walls serves as the playing field. Each atom may be located on a different part of the room. To begin playing, users have to click on the appropriate atom to activate it. After which, directional arrows will appear beside the atom, enabling users to direct where the atom should move towards. Once a direction is chosen, the arrow moves towards that direction until it hits a wall or another atom. Hitting another atom bonds the two together. However, the players must choose the best location to assemble or arrange the molecules in. Some locations may not be accessible to other atoms.