Kat MP3 Recorder 4.7.0

GoodKatShare LLC (Freeware)

Kat MP3 Recorder by GoodKatShare LLC is a multi-functional sound engine program for personal computers that transforms any computer into a mini recording panel. Aside from basic recording functions, this application is also designed such that the user can set up a recording schedule and save the recording task parameters for later access. The recording time given to users is unlimited. One of the key features of this program is the Archive button, which makes viewing and browsing of recorded files fast and efficient.

This is a utility with numerous features that allow users to record with different audio file types such as OGG, AU, VOX, AIFF, MP3, and WMA. Kat MP3 Recorder is a versatile tool that is also designed to record music files from DVD players and CD players. This computer program is capable of recording TV programs, radio programs, or voice recordings of personal messages for play back on different types of audio players.

Kat MP3 Recorder is a freeware that is easy to configure, starting automatically upon system restart. This application is easy to install and takes up little space on the hard disk. The installation procedure is completed with a total of six files. This program is compatible with Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows XP.