Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Lab (Shareware)

Kaspersky Password Manager is a password security utility specifically designed for storing and protecting personal information and data such as passwords, contacts, user names, Internet pager accounts, and others. The program works by sticking accounts and passwords to Windows programs and websites where they are used. All data are encrypted in the program’s Password Database. Users can access contents of the database using a Master Password, which is also defined by the user. Users may also leave the database unlock allowing other people to view it anytime.

Whenever the user runs a program or enters a website, Kaspersky Password Manager inputs the appropriate account, password, and other information automatically. This removes the need to enter all required information every single time. By default, the application is launched automatically during startup. However, this option may be modified as well. Aside from storing and inputting security information, the application can also be used for monitoring any action conducted by an application that requires passwords. This monitoring function helps prevents any form of theft or interception of sensitive data.

Here are other features offered by Kaspersky Password Manager:

• Support Different Ways Of Authentication – This feature gives users control over the  access to Password Database.
• Password Generation – The program utilizes a strong password generation technology giving users undecipherable passwords.
• Import – The application also allows importing of passwords from other programs or operating systems.
• Form Completion – The program can also be used for completing forms automatically.