Kart Racing Pro 9

PiBoSo (Shareware)

Kart Racing Pro is an application used to simulate kart driving. The program provides users with a realistic experience of driving along a racing track, making it an ideal training program for kart drivers. The karts used in the application have engines that are based on scratch built engines, so the driving dynamics and engine setup are accurate and faithful to a real kart. The kart tires are designed to simulate real ones, picking up grass and dirt as on a real track.

Kart Racing Pro allows users to:
• Drive a realistic model that is used on standard kart race tracks
• Experience driving on a dynamic track; a wet track is also available
• Build new tracks that can be integrated with existing ones
• Customize their kart, driving suit, and helmet
• Install a plugin that allows the program to send real-time data to external applications

This simulation program allows users to join and host races online through its dedicated server. Kart Racing Pro collects the race results and other statistical data during the events so that users may have a record of their driving performance as they train. The information is saved as a CSV file, and users can use the telemetry data to analyze each driving session and compare it to previous ones. In addition to keyboard controls, the program also supports gaming hardware such as gamepads and joysticks, and works best with a steering wheel.