Calligra (Freeware)

Karbon is a vector graphics editing tool developed by Calligra and released on January 2014. The program is part of the Calligra Software Suite, along with other programs including Words, Sheets, and Flow. The program is useful for creating logos, cliparts, and illustrations. It can also be used to create photorealistic images using vector art. The program supports various file formats including SVG, ODG, WMF, WPG, and EPS.

Karbon features a graphical interface capable of docking toolbars and dockers on its sides. Dockers include the Stroke and Fill docker, the Tools docker, and the Shape Properties docker. The Stroke and Fill docker features options for Stroke color and opacity, as well as Fill Color, Gradient, and Pattern options. The Tools docker displays the different tools available to the user, including Connect Shapes Tool, Shape Handling Tool, Create Path Tool, and Pattern Edit Tool. The Connect Shapes tool enables users to link different shapes, as in flow charts and organization charts. The Shape Handling tool allows users to control the shapes in terms of selecting them, as well as functions like rotate, resize, pull, and move. This can be done using the arrows that appear on either side of the shape when it is selected. The Create Path tool enables users to draw Bezier curves by drawing vector lines linking the shapes.