KaraWin (Shareware)

KaraWin_Pro is a karaoke player that has multiple functions and advanced features intended to cater to the high demands of seasoned singers. Nevertheless, this utility is rather flexible and may be used by anyone and everyone for sing along gatherings, voice recordings, and audio playback.

KaraWin_Pro has advanced features meant to benefit professional karaoke singers. It has two main parts, which are: (1) direct CD+CDG player, and (2) video under lyrics. KaraWin_Pro is equipped with both the jukebox and the explorator parts. This utility is fully configurable and plays the following file types: AVI, MPG, CDG, ID3V2, KOK, and MP3. This program reads zip files well. Given its features, KaraWin_Pro is a popular player amongst karaoke enthusiasts.

This versatile program has multiple functions that cover basic operations for karaoke fun. Some of these functionalities are:
• Supports multiple karaoke file types with multiple language options
• Has lyrics sync and media playback
• Organizes catalogues with automatic sorting of media files
• Features background pictures during playback
• Voice recording function
• This Pro edition is equipped with karaoke management functions that professional singers can maximize when they perform in public.

This utility is a licensed free program for Windows OS. KaraWin_Pro is compatible with Windows operating systems.