Karate Panda Demo

Jenkat Games (Freeware)

Karate Panda Demo is the trial or demo version of the platform game Karate Panda. In this game, players are tasked to help the Panda Dad rescue his cubs from evil poachers. The panda cubs were kidnapped from their peaceful bamboo forest while the Panda Dad was out getting food for them. He comes back to find them all gone, save for a few footprints that showed him the way where he could find them. His quest takes him to different locations, from the bamboo forest to icy kingdoms populated by fierce Yetis. The Panda Dad must exert cunning stealth and expert karate skills in order to defeat the poachers and get all of the panda cubs.

Players control the Panda Dad and make him jump and run to rescue the panda cubs. Along the way, they would need to collect nourishment and the form of berries as well as points in the form of gems. Players must be careful to avoid obstacles that could send the Panda Dad to his death. Players are given three lives at the beginning of the game. There are 30 levels to accomplish in the game. In each level, players are given a goal to find a particular number of cubs, shown at the upper right portion of the game window.