Ilusion Software (Shareware)

KaraokeKanta is an application that plays standard and karaoke MIDI files. Instrumental formats such as KAR and MID can be played by the program. Songs can be organized according to favorites and languages. Each installed song is available and displayed in the program’s song list. Song lyrics may be extracted as web pages. Karaoke formats that can be played include KOK, WMA, MP3, CD+G, and LRC. The program can be used at home and in karaoke clubs.

The program’s interface is user-friendly. It can be displayed via two monitors that are separated, or a television screen and a monitor. The program’s search system enables quick searching of songs. Songs can also be organized according to subfolders and folders. Songs can be recorded in WAV format through a single button. Virtual bands can be made, voices can be swapped, and a single song can be recorded and sung at the same time. Controls such as song volume, song speed, and song tone can all be customized by the user. A report from changes in song elements (volume, tone, etc.) can also be made. Keyboard shortcuts enable users to manage the program’s functions without using the mouse. Other program features include playlists creation, song handling controls, music digital effects, and access to the program’s CLUB SONG, among others. The program can be viewed in full screen either on the television or another display.