Karaoke GALAXY player

JSC "AK MobilTelecom" (Shareware)

Karaoke GALAXY Player is software that lets users play karaoke on the computer. The program allows users to listen to Karaoke files that are available in the software’s server. MIDI files are also supported. Install the software on any computer by downloading the archived file first. To run a song, select MIDI port to listen to it. When a song is being played, the software will display the text on the interface window. There are radio buttons available for the users’ perusal. There is option to play, fast forward to the next song, stop, and return to previous track. The play-time is being displayed at the interface’s center. Select the playlist on the lower right. Users can even customize the settings for tempo, tone, and melody. They can also shuffle or repeat songs.

There are varieties of settings the user can customize in Karaoke Galaxy Player. There is this option to show the window caption. Font of the lyrics that are displayed can be changed to a different one. The lyrics can be displayed in many ways such as horizontal, vertical, synchronize mode. Pictures that are displayed can be changed according to what the user likes. There are three picture types (Without, Static, and Dynamic). The background can also be dimmed according to what percent does the user wants the background to appear behind the text.