Karaoke Anything! 1.0

The HOME Network (Freeware)

Karaoke Anything! is a software application that allows users to take vocals from MP3 files and audio CD tracks so that they can be used as karaoke utilities. Audio processing is done in real time, which makes it easy to remove vocals from almost any type of song and preserve the original quality of the instrumentation. The program utilizes a technique that removes the vocal aspect by aggregating the left channel with the inverse of the right channel. However, this effect only applies to recordings that feature vocals with the same volume as the left and right channels.

Karaoke Anything! comes with a simple graphical interface that makes the program tools accessible to the user. The main features are placed in one window, which allows users to perform actions without difficulty. Once the user has chosen to open a CD track or an MP3 file, s/he must click on the Open File option to select the source file path. Pressing the Play button will commence the process, but users can also make adjustments to the Karaoke Effect in order to optimize vocal and instrumental balance. The progress bar at center of the window shows how much of the song has been processed.