KaraKEYoke 3.3.0

R2R Group (Shareware)

KaraKEYoke is an application that helps users play the piano through a digital keyboard. Users can load songs to learn and play in the program. It supports the file formats .kar and .mid. The program’s main interface is divided into different sections. The upper left portion of the window displays a virtual keyboard and the right portion displays the notes from files that are imported into the application. The lower windows show the user’s playlist, as well as the folders on a certain location. The lower right portion has a mixer and the controls for the built-in player.

When learning to play a song, users can play the entire song, or just choose a portion of the song to practice. The program also comes with lessons in different difficulty levels suited for beginners to advanced piano players. A standard keyboard or MIDI keyboard can also be connected to the computer for training. The tutorial works like a standard lighting keyboard wherein the keys to be played light up. When a lighting keyboard is attached to the computer, the keys will light up on the keyboard itself instead of the virtual keyboard on the application. Users can download exercises or entire songs to play from the Internet.