Kanagram (Letter Order Game) 4.4.1

KDE Education Project (Joshua Keel, Danny Allen) (Freeware)

Kanagram (Letter Order Game) is an educational application. It is a letter order game that teaches student users about vocabulary by engaging them in an entertaining game. This particular program uses word anagrams. The main objective of the player is to unscramble the provided letters thereby generating a real word. There is no time limit and players can take advantage of unlimited attempts at guessing each word.

Kanagram (Letter Order Game) was developed and released under the KDE Education Project group. It is a vocabulary game. The interface is simple and easy to use. On the topmost portion lies the name of the program. About two thirds of the screen shows a school black board. This is where the scrambled letters can be found. Four buttons appear on the right-hand portion. There is an arrow that can be used to shift to the next word. There is a settings button as well. A help link is also available. The last button is a power button, which ends the game.

The player is required to unscramble letters and enter a word underneath the blackboard. Clues are given so that guessing the words will be easier. Users can also get hints or have the program reveal the word if they simply cannot guess anymore.