Kaminfeuer Titanium Edition II

JMMG Communications, Jochen Moschko (Freeware)

Kaminfeuer Titanium Edition II is a screensaver application developed and published by JMMG Communications. The software enables the computer screen turned into a fireplace. The screensaver provides a 3D that displays almost a real-life fireplace. The view shown is derived from a video recording of a chimney fire.

The software provides different options that allow users to change the behavior of the program. Colors of the fire can be adjusted if desired. There are also various effect options to choose from such as “explosions” and “wandering tiles”. The fire video can be provided with additional background effects as well. Custom engraving can be added above the fireplace. This custom engraving can take in the form of desktop shortcuts. The graphics can turn transparent upon customization so that the underlying program windows can still be viewed.

The upgraded version is featured with added scenarios such as thunderstorms, storm, and rain. Personalization of fireplace view is also possible. It does not only feature video but realistic sound effects as well. Aside from the sound of the elements, it also has a ticking clock and a sound of crackling logs that emphasizes the mood and adds to the cozy atmosphere. This product is only released in German.