Kalzium (Periodic Table of Elements)

KDE Education Project (Carsten Niehaus) (Freeware)

Kalzium (Periodic Table of Elements) is an application that provides its users with access to a digitalized copy of the periodic table. An enhanced version or copy of the standard periodic table of elements is made available through this particular program. Apart from utilizing better graphics, users can also benefit from the specific information that is available per element.

The Kalzium (Periodic Table of Elements) program was released under KDE Education Project. It offers more than just a list of elements found in the periodic table. Every element also carries vital information including data such as the following:

• Electron Configuration
• Electronegativity
• Melting Point
• Mass
• Electron Affinity

Program users can also enjoy features such as the built-in molecular weight calculating tool. There is also an isotope table that is easily accessible. Apart from this, a molecule editor is also within reach and all images displayed are in three dimensional format.

There are other components that come installed with this particular piece of education software. When users have to deal with stoichiometric problems, there is an easy to use equation solver. It also offers conversion support for various files carrying particular extensions. It is also compatible with different chemical programs making it an even more reliable learning tool for Science.