KAlarm (Personal Alarm Scheduler)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

KAlarm (Personal Alarm Scheduler) is a utility that serves to provide its users with one program that can handle all of their scheduling needs. It can be used to create personal alarms for various tasks. People can use the program to remind them of the things that they have to accomplish during a particular day. It can also be used to program time alerts for email concerns. This is also a reliable command scheduling program that works effectively with various operating platforms.

When it comes to the KAlarm (Personal Alarm Scheduler) program, users can easily create text or image alarms to remind them of daily tasks. It can also be used to automatically run commands and process email requests by means of time alerts. Since the program utilizes recurring alarms, it will ensure that no message or update goes unnoticed. This can be configured by the user. Alerts can be programmed to run after minute our hourly intervals. It can also be configured to repeat on certain days. The clincher though is that the user has to be logged into the program for it to function.

The user interface is basic and organized. The main window is divided into three columns. One shows the date and time that the command was created and another column shows the repeat instructions for the particular alarm. The third column presents information about the alarm. There are four alarm types that can be set by the program user. The following are the different alarm types that can be generated using this application:

• Display Alarm
• Audio Alarm
• Command Alarm
• Email Alarm