KAddressBook (Contact Manager)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

KAddressBook (Contact Manager) is a digital address book. It serves to provide program users with a highly organized archive of personal contacts and their details. It is compatible with various operating platforms and is extremely user-friendly.

When it comes to the KAddressBook (Contact Manager) program, it can be used as a primary source of contact information. It can be synched with other programs where details can be imported or exported without any hassle. It provides support for various format extensions including VCF files. Support for multiple LDAP server usage is also a feature of this application. Using the KAddressBook (Contact Manager) is easy and users also have the ability to configure all settings to their liking. Aside from storing separate contact details, it can also be used to create contact groups.

Users can create separate address books for personal and business contacts if they wish. When inputting any contact information, a window will appear containing detailed data entry windows. Provisions for the contact's name, nickname, and profile photo are available. Users can even input voice files carrying the proper pronunciation of the contact's name. Other data entry fields including website and blog addresses as well as email and messaging handles are available. There are also provisions for phone numbers, work, office, and mobile contact information.