SON ISIK LTD. (Proprietary)

KABUS 22 is a survival-horror video game developed by Turkish publisher SON ISIK LTD. The game combines realistic 3D elements and dark, moody environments. The game is set in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district in the near future of an alternate universe. The player can control one of any of these three characters at a time: Demir, a hardened Turkish solider; Demir’s girlfriend Ebru; and Inzar, a character cloaked in mystery. The main enemy of these three is a shadowy order of religious zealots, as well as creatures named Maduns (half-animal, half-human hybrids).

KABUS 22, much like more popular survival-horror games of its time, have both arcade action and puzzle elements. The player encounters these elements in four different locations that feature more than a hundred sub-levels. Each of the characters has a number of combo moves – moves that when strung together, give the player a higher score as opposed to one-hit moves – as well as magical powers and the usual weaponry.

KABUS 22 also has a free minigame presented in an FPS or First-Person Shooter style. This minigame is entitled K22: Demolition Day, and was initially made to promote the main game. Players may either create their own accounts and attain a place in the online leaderboards by achieving high scores, or play offline.