K9 Web Protection

Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (Freeware)

K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filter and blocker with user customizable options depending on Internet supervision needs. The application is commonly used for computer malware and virus protection and parental control for restricting sites that contain pornography. The application comes with an array of preset filters, a K9 keyword-free rating system, and fifty classifications for website organization.

The application works through a Web based database and it is imperative that a computer be connected to said database for a user to surf the Web.  An activation code is required for the application to run and can be acquired by registering on the application’s website. The program password is then sent to the user’s supplied email address. The program control panel may only be accessed via the Web. Possible malware threats and suspicious sites can also be detected and blocked. Each website that has been blocked as well as visited is presented through a detailed log. The application has a limited ability in blocking HTTP protocols and can only monitor them. K9 Web Protection also takes a very small amount of a computer system’s resources since it operates from a Web-based database. Software features include enhance anti-tampering, custom lists customization, and designating SafeSearch on search engines.