K-Sketch 1.0a (Open Source)

K-Sketch, or kinetic sketchpad, is an application that allows users to do animations out of images that have been sketched. The program can be used on a tablet computer, but can be used with a standard mouse computer as well. The animations are done with Flash, but do not require the user to have knowledge in Flash in order to use the program. The program is a simple tool that comes with a few pen tools and an eraser.

The program’s user interface is simple and intuitive. It is easy to use even for novice computer users. Tools are located at the upper portion of the window. The main work area is a blank white screen where users can sketch. There is also a player at the bottom of the screen, so users can test out the animation. For the animation, users can choose to speed up or slow down according to their preferences. The application also comes with a quick start guide that teaches users how to use the features and tools the program has to offer. Other key features of this application are as follows:

• Simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy
• Users can experiment with the different tools available in the program
• Output file can be saved in the SWF format