K-Multimedia Player

Pandora TV (Freeware)

K-Multimedia Player is a multimedia player that is capable of playing popular audio and video formats. It does not need a separate codec to run various formats, since it has a built-in codec. The program was first released in 2002. In 2008, the program was acquired by the Korean video company called Pandora TV. Users can view and listen to audio and video files, including videos with subtitles. Screenshots can also be captured while watching videos. Video effects can be done, such as slowing down or increasing the playback speed, repeats of videos, and choosing parts of the video as favorites.

The application is capable of playing damaged or incomplete .avi files. It does this by skipping damaged frames so that the video continuously plays even if there are some portions missing.

Here are more features of the multimedia player:
• Supports different kinds of media equipment
• Supports multiple audio streaming
• Speech processing function
• Wallpaper viewing function
• Image processing function

K-Multimedia Player is fully customizable. There are plenty of color schemes and skins available for the player. Users also have a wide range of multimedia player configuration options, including video and audio filters, such as magnification, bluescreen, cropping, visualization effects, and a dynamic range compressor.