iStreaming Networks LLC (Freeware)

JustCamIt is a chat encoder developed especially for services provided by the iStreaming Networks. The program provides the company’s clients with streaming needs. A sound card, video capture device, or webcam must be installed in the computer in order for this application to work. The program is used on the computer of the chat room’s host.

The main user interface of JustCamIt is just like any other chat window. The status and connections are located at the bottom left part of the window. Under the Connections window, the host can view the number of participants in the chat room, their usernames, client IP address, and time. The chat window is located at the right portion of the window. There is also a video window at the left side if video chat is enabled.

Other features of the JustCamIt program are as follows:

• The chat room’s host can get snapshots of the video chat window for reference
• Support for different video frame sizes, such as widescreen (16:9) or normal (4:3)
• Comes with a GeoIP feature that enables the host to view the location of a user
• Capable of displaying up 30 frames per second in video chat
• Has connection optimizer feature