Jungle Strike

Electronic Arts (Proprietary)

Jungle Strike is an isometric action game developed and published by Electronic Arts in 1993. It is the second installment in the Strike game series and its plot revolved around two villains who plan on taking over the US capital and destroying it. The player must prevent this from happening by using his/her helicopter and other aircraft and ground vehicles to intercept the villains’ actions. The antagonists’ names are Ibn Kilbaba, whose father is the villain in Desert Strike, and South American drug lord Carlos Ortega. They plan to destroy Washington, D.C. using a variety of nuclear weapons.

Gameplay is presented from an isometric perspective and consists of several missions that need to be completed on each level. These missions involve anything from infiltrating certain locations and meeting objectives. If the player fails to meet an objective, s/he will have to restart the level from the beginning. Before a level begins, the player is required to choose a co-pilot to assist him/her so that s/he can control the automatic and semi-automatic weapons to fire at the enemy. As the player goes through the missions, s/he must ensure that the aircraft has enough fuel, the weapons have enough ammunition, and that s/he picks the right armor for combat.