Jungle Kartz

Nordic Games Publishing (Proprietary)

Jungle Kartz is a video game wherein the player must race go-carts in various jungle environments. Playing and winning races gives the player the title of queen or king of the jungle. To start a race, the player must first choose from the eight animals. These animals include tigers, gorillas, and other jungle animals. One from a number of vehicles can be chosen by the player. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, one vehicle favors top speed over acceleration. Another vehicle is sturdy but slow. There are around thirty six race courses that the player can race on. These race tracks are set in different environments such as forests, deserts, and deep jungles. All race paths have obstacles that the player must stay away from. Hitting these obstacles may cause the player’s go-cart to drastically slow down and be left behind by the other vehicles in the race.

Jungle Kartz can be played by one player. The game is played against computer-controlled opponents in this mode. Alternately, multiple players can play the game at the same time. The game also supports the use of car-wheel controllers. This joystick can be connected to the computer. It is not a requirement to use a joystick since the game is playable using just the keyboard and the mouse.