Jungle Book

T-Software Solutions (Proprietary)

Jungle Book is a game created by T-Software Solutions for PC desktops and laptops. It is based on the Disney Classic’s “Jungle Book” story about Mowgli, who was found in a basket in a jungle, raised by an Indian wolf, and grew up with other wild animals.

In this game, Mowgli has to fight against the different villains. One of them is Sheer-Kahn, a tiger. He throws fruits, catches fruits, climbs trees, shoots at enemies to shove them away, and others.

It also includes a young Mowgli. Players will play this character in learning tricks and exploring the jungles. It has different levels to complete. There are actually a total of 20 levels to play by computer users. Each game can be saved with a password and resumed for later gameplay. In addition, here are bonuses included to collect more scores.

Jungle Book has other characters involved. Some of them are Balou (a young elephant), Dawn Patrl (an elephantine) Bagheera, and Bagheera. They all will help or guide him through Mowgli’s journey.

This is technically a side-scrolling game. It can be played either horizontally or vertically. It features visual effects that create beautiful animations, photos, and backgrounds. It is a colorful game that kids would love. There is also soundtrack included, which are taken from the Disney movie.