JumpStart Advanced Preschool

Knowledge Adventure (Proprietary)

JumpStart Advanced Preschool is a set of educational programs that are geared towards children ages 2 to 4. This set allows kids to have improve their skills in different areas before entering preschool. The set comes with 4 discs filled with activities and educational games. There are more than 50 skills that can be learned by children using the application. The four sections of the set are as follows:

• Toddler School Time – The first disc in the set consists of basic skills that toddlers must learn. This disc includes activities that focus on the alphabet, counting, colors, and basic shapes.
• Preschool Fundamentals – The second disc provides more skills for advanced users. It has activities that focus on patterns and shapes, development in counting, vocabulary, phonics, and a little bit of music.
• Language Club – The third disc included in the set allows children to learn words from different languages, such as English, Spanish, Japanese, and French. It focuses on different groups of words including music and food.
• Art for Fun – The fourth disc allows users to increase their creativity. The disc consists of different art activities, such as creating greeting cards and their very own storybook.

The program’s activities can be adjusted according to the child’s skills.