Jumpshot (Proprietary)

Jumpshot is a fully-automated system utility that detects computer issues and removes them. Before it does so, it first reboots the computer in a process called Sedation. In Sedation, the computer will be placed in a custom environment similar to a Linux system that enables the application to perform the next steps of PC cleaning without interference from viruses and other infections that the user’s anti-virus program failed to stop or could not remove from the system.

Users can do other work once they let the program run automatically. It also has a built-in basic Web browser that enables users to browse and read Web pages. The PC cleaning process may involve deactivating many add-ons and disabling startup services to make the computer run faster. Jumpshot can also perform system or software updates necessary to PC performance.

This application is able to remove up to 90 percent of the malware and adware in the computer’s system, making it cleaner and safer to work with. It can effectively diagnose problems within the system and shows the user the items that cannot be automatically removed, such as browsers and anti-virus programs that require user or admin rights. It does not require installation and is ideal for use by beginners due to its simple and elegant interface.