Jumping Squirrel 1.0

My Real Games Ltd. (Freeware)

Jumping Squirrel is a gaming application for kids and adults, too. It is downloadable for both PC desktops and laptops. This tool features a squirrel named Harris, who is caught and brought to a world full of magic, mystery, fantasy, and danger. The primary objective of playing this game is to complete one level at a time. Take note that players can only move from one level to another.

Players of Jumping Squirrel must help Harris, the squirrel, avoid each and every enemy. These enemies are reptiles, small dinosaurs, apes, skeletons, ghosts, and an evil wizard. As players guide Harris, these enemies always try to chase and capture the squirrel.

There are gems that the squirrel must collect at every level. Players must guide the squirrel to get all gems before the time runs out. This is how Harris is able to pass the task and move to the next level, until he’s finally out and comes back home into the real world.

Aside from the gems, level and running time, other items are displayed on the screen. These are a heart that represents the life of the squirrel, a first aid kit, and a bomb. There are three lives given to the squirrel. Players need to collect bombs to use in killing enemies, while the med kit helps Harris treat injuries or wounds.