Jump Desktop

Phase Five Systems (Shareware)

JumpDesktop is a remote desktop program for OS X and Windows operating systems. Developed by Phase Five Systems, this application enables users to access any computer securely. It is available in two editions – Free and Paid. The Paid version allows users to connect to multiple computers while the Free version allows users to connect to a single computer only.

The program is compatible with both VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). It is considered as a VNC and RDP client that allow users to access existing VNC and RDP servers via a host name or IP address. Some of its VNC features include multiple monitor support, SSH tunneling and SSL encryption support, and encodings support (i.e. tight, copyrect, zlib, hextile, and more). It also offers various RDP features including audio streaming, printing support, international keyboard layouts, console sessions, and more.

Among the features offered by JumpDesktop include:

• Automatic Discovery and Configuration – The program is capable of discovering and configuring the user’s computer automatically. It does not need networking or any technical knowledge to connect it to a computer.
• Encryption support – JumpDesktop offers security features to ensure security and privacy whenever the program connects to a computer.
• App support – Support for different features such as multi-tasking, Bluetooth keyboard connectivity, and more. These allow users to maximize productivity when accessing a computer remotely via JumpDesktop.