Jumblo (Shareware)

Jumblo is an application that allows users to make VOIP calls from desktop computers and mobile devices. This program connects to the Internet via a variety of options including broadband, WiFi, Edge, and 3G. It is easy to navigate around the program’s interface. The application lets users import contacts from other devices; the contact information can be managed from Jumblo. With this program, users need not make a call using the traditional phone lines when calling contacts, especially those abroad.

As a communication tool, this application also has chat and SMS functions. Users can customize their security settings; incoming messages and calls may be restricted to those only in the contact list. In addition, VOIP calls may be forwarded to a local phone, or to another contact in the user’s directory.

The application does not require installation; all the user needs to do is to go to the Jumblo website and do the following steps in order:

• Select the country of origin from the drop-down menu.
• Key in the caller’s phone number, including the area code. The country code is already filled in, based on the country of origin selected earlier.
• Select the country of the person being called
• Key in the area code and the contact number of the call’s recipient
• Click the “Call” button