Julia's Quest UK

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Julia's Quest UK is a match-3 game in which players help Julia solve the mystery of an old diary that belonged to her grandfather. Julia’s grandfather gave her his old diary on her birthday, with an unusual message that says Julia has to visit all of the places written in the diary. When she does so, she will be able to find the secret code to a bank vault. Inside the vault is her real birthday present. Julia must then embark on a journey that will give her the adventure of a lifetime.

Players have to match three or more similar tiles by lining them up. When the tiles are matched, they disappear, making room for the upper tiles to take their place. Locked in the game grid are parts of the riddle in Julia’s grandfather’s diary, and players have to release and collect these. Players will then have to put the puzzle pieces together in the last level.

This game will take players through the great cities of Britain as well as many other places of interest in the United Kingdom. As the players progress through the game, they will be able to learn many interesting facts about the sites and the cities they go to. They will also be able to unlock bonuses to help them advance through the levels. The game is suitable for players of all ages and any skill level.