JuK (Music Player)

KDE (Open Source)

JuK (Music Player) is a music management tool developed by KDE. The program supports a variety of audio file formats including OGG Vorbis, MP3, and even lossless FLAC files. The program enables users to play their audio and music files. It also allows users to manage music playlists and audio collections. The program features the capability to edit the metatags for the audio file including Artist Name, Album, Title, Genre, and other information. This is possible through the JuK Tag Editor. The Tag Editor enables users to edit the tags of individual files, as well as multiple files simultaneously.

JuK (Music Player) features the ability to create music playlists. The program automatically scans directories to update the music collection with newly created music playlists. It features support for Dynamic Search Playlists. These playlists are automatically created by the program according to the music playing behavior of the user. These playlists are also automatically updated when there are changes in the music collection. These Dynamic Search Playlists can be accessed in Tree View mode.  

The program also features a Playlist history, generating a playlist of recently played albums and artists. JuK (Music Player) comes with compatibility with MusicBrainz. This function enables the program to retrieve tag information from online databases. The program also comes with a File renamer tool that is capable of renaming multiple files simultaneously.