Juice Games (Proprietary)

Juiced is a racing game that was first released in 2005 and was re-released in 2006. The game is seet in the fictional Angel City where a player is given a car to race. Upon winning the race, the player earns a cash reward and respect. Additionally, other territories are unlocked for racing. Players get to customize the car, too. Juiced offers four game modes. These are:

• Circuit Race – In circuit racing, players must complete a number of laps in a circuit.
• Sprint Race – Sprint race is similar to drag racing. The player competes against three other races in a series of heats. The racer with the most number of points after all the heats is declared the winner.
• Point-to-point Race – This is a standard race where players must race against others from the start of the circuit to the end of the circuit.
• Showoff Race – In a Showoff race, the player must earn points by doing different tricks (drifting, donut spins, turns, etc). The player who gets the most points within the given time is declared the winner.

Winning races earns the player in-game money and respect. Aside from the races, players can also do extra challenges. However, certain cars may be needed in order to do these challenges.