JSmooth 0.9.9

JSmooth (Freeware)

JSmooth is an application utilized for wrapping Java JAR files into executable files (standard EXE) for launching in Windows. It provides users with the ability to specify the different details on how the application is to be invoked, such as the type of wrapper application, which can be a Windows GUI or console). Other details include the initial and maximum allocation for memory, the program arguments, the system properties, and the executable icon to be used for the output file.

This program has a number of key features, including the following:

• Wrappers – this tool comes with exe wrappers for graphical user interfaces and console-based programs. Users can also create their own wrappers and add these to the program.
• Graphical User Interface – users can configure the .exe binary file and other parameters with the GUI. Users can also associate an icon file (GIF, ICO, PNG) to the created executable file.
• Automatic Java VM detection – all of the JVM available in the user’s computer can easily be detected using a number of processes involving environment variables, the Windows path, and the Windows system registry. Users can also specify the version of the JVM that have compatibility with the program.
• Application configuration – users can set and define the Java properties and special variables they want to pass to the executable file.