jpg to pdf converter pro

HAN Software (Shareware)

JPG to PDF Converter Pro is a utility designed specifically for Windows systems. This program can be used to convert more than one JPEG file into a PDF document. The number of files to be converted can number anywhere from one to 1000. The files may be located in one folder or distributed over many folders. JPG to PDF Converter Pro works quickly to convert the chosen file/s into one PDF document.

Users of jpg to pdf converter pro are allowed to set the size of the file to be converted. This application is a no-fuss utility that has a clear-cut user interface. There are very few buttons to deal with. The panel displays all the relevant documents. This is a tool that performs it main purpose effectively. Meanwhile, the installation procedure is seamless and can be completed in only a few seconds. JPG to PDF Converter Pro can be handled without incident by people have had no previous computing experience.

In using the jpg to pdf converter pro application, users can opt for the drag-and-drop function or utilize the built-in file browser. The main window will display the relevant information including the files to be converted as well as the name, path, status, size, output format, and number of pages.

JPG to PDF Converter Pro can also be used to convert PDF files to many different image formats such as PBM, GIF, JPG, PGM, PSD, PPM, RAW, PNG, and TIFF.