JPG Cleaner 2.6

Rainbow Software (Freeware)

JPG Cleaner is an imaging application that enables users to clean JPG format files from anything not considered to be picture data. This can be data written by photo editing applications that is not necessary for displaying the JPG file, and which may even be larger than the main JPG data. This may also include color management data that is only used when opening the JPG file in the specific application in which it was created. Unnecessary data writing into the JPG file may cause it to load slowly during preview.

Internet browsers and other programs simply skip the added data and use only the picture data, but first the whole data file is downloaded before the unnecessary parts are discarded. To speed up the process of uploading photos online, users can decrease the file size of the images through JPG Cleaner without compromising the quality of the images. This application can also be used to dispose of unnecessary data from JPG format files to free up space on storage media, especially those with a limited size such as pen drives and memory cards. This program is portable and works without the need for installation. As such, it does not make changes to the Windows registry and does not leave traces after it is removed from the system.