JpegExpress 2.0

Alain Lecomte (Freeware)

JpegExpress is a lightweight and intuitive graphics tool that enables users to convert files into JPEG and BMP image formats. This application can also decrease the file size of image files. It can handle both JPEG and BMP image files that are exceedingly large in size by adjusting the quality or compression ratio.

The compression ratio of the selected image can be easily adjusted by users of all skill levels. As users adjust the compression ratio, the application will display the output picture quality as well as the file size in a preview window. Through the preview window, users can select the setting or the best compromise between the file size and the picture quality. The image parameters are expressed in percentages with 100% being the highest quality output but smallest file size. In general, the higher the picture quality, the bigger the file size. If users want to decrease the file size, they would have to lessen the picture quality. With this tool, users do not have to open a graphics program that may take too long to load just for the purpose of decreasing an image file’s size.

This program is also useful in enhancing image quality. Users working with MS Paint, for instance, may find that the quality of the final result does not meet their standard, or is lower than expected. JpegExpress can function as the third-party application that can easily and quickly improve image quality.