Dreamscape Software (Shareware)

JPEGCompress is a utility with photo compression and editor functions. Photos and images in JPEG format can be compressed further with this utility. There are a number of compression levels available. JPEG is a popular format used by digital cameras and this application makes it possible to store more JPEG files in one device by converting them into smaller files. Other than JPEG, this program supports many image file formats, such as BMP, GIF, QuickTime, and PNG.

This application is easy to operate with a point and click interface and also has drag and drop support. In order to compress images, the photo must be uploaded to the application first and JPEG Compress will start the process as soon as the sliding bar is set to the desired compression level.

Aside from reduction of the disc space occupied by JPEG images by fine tuning image size, this program also provides users with editing tools such as rotation, flip, and crop. Image effects are also available to users of this application. Another important feature is batch processing. Users of this utility can preview the image processed before saving it. The user is also given data about the new file size.

JPEGCompress is a program developed by Dreamscape Software. One of the latest improvements made on the program is on the built-in documentation viewers.