JPEG to PDF 1.1

Baltsoft Software (Shareware)

JPEG to PDF is a simple application that allows users to convert JPEG files to PDF. JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group, is the group name of people who made the file format and other picture coding standards. JPEG is a common method used to compress images or outputs of digital photography. A PDF file is displayed as a flat file no matter what the object is.

JPEG to PDF has a user-friendly user interface. The menu bar has three selections: File, View, and Help. The tab below the menu bar has Converter and Options. Under Converter, there are buttons for Add Files, Converter, Options, Move Up, Move Down, Remove, Remove All, Save List and Load list. The main screen is divided into three segments with the fist column on the left used to select the folder from which the JPEG file will be pulled. The middle screen lists the files on the selected folder and the last column is dedicated to files that need to be converted to PDF. There are arrows between the middle and right columns to easily move files, but the users can also choose to drag and drop the files. The files that are converted can be viewed using any PDF viewer.