JPEG Imager

V-Methods Software (Shareware)

The JPEG Imager is a tool for compressing digital images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats. It shrinks the file size of a digital image for efficient storage and transmission. The JPEG Imager lets the user create a balance between the file size and the visual quality of the image.
It has three main features. First, it has a split-screen viewing mode. This mode allows the user to view the original image and the one being edited simultaneously. Secondly, it displays changes in real-time. When the user makes changes to one image, the changes will appear right away. This allows the user to compare the edited image with the original. Lastly, it offers a wide array of basic compression tools. These include cropping, resizing, and rotating functions. It can also be used for adjusting contrast and color balance as well as putting text or captions on the image.

The JPEG Imager can also be used when editing scanned images or when uploading an image on the Internet. It can also process several images at once, following a fixed set of operations and applying it on the selected images. Additionally, it has an automatic quality adjustment feature. This allows the user to simply select a file size for an image and let the program adjust the visual quality automatically.