JP2View Application 1.5


J2PView Application is an image-viewing program that enables users to compress image data into JPEG2000 format. JPEG2000 is a standard image format and coding system that is capable of storing high quality image data with a high amount of compression. JPEG2000 is represented by the file extension .jp2. J2PView Application contains features that enable users to compress and decompress various image data such as BMP and JPEG into JPEG2000. This program is capable of performing image compression and decompression without losing the quality of the original image. J2PView Application supports high compression ratios up to 100:1 and above. In addition to these, J2PView Application provides various features such as Drag-and-drop action for viewing multiple images, zooming functions, and support for different image display modes like cascade, tile horizontally, and tile vertically.

J2PView Application has a straightforward user interface that has two main parts. First part is the control bar located on the upper portion of the window. This section contains different buttons that execute actions in the program. These buttons include the open, save, copy, and paste buttons, the view mode buttons (cascade, tile horizontally, tile vertically), and the zoom in, and zoom out buttons. The next section is the image viewing area where users can view and drop images from another folder.