JoyToKey 3.7.4

Ryo Ohkubo (Freeware)

JoyToKey is a keyboard emulator that changes joystick inputs into keyboard/mouse inputs. It can be used to control any application (including those that do not have joystick support) using a joystick instead of the typical keyboard and mouse.  This application supports up to 16 joysticks including 2 POV switches, 32 buttons and 6 axes for each joystick. The program does not require installation. Instead, it requires that the supported joystick is connected to the computer for it to work.

The program features multiple configuration files, which enables users to create several configuration files and use those files any time. Editing and deleting joystick configurations are also possible. There’s also an option to clear all the settings on a particular joystick with one click. The program offers support for different joystick features such as automatic shooting of buttons, mouse emulation and even “adjust mouse movements/wheel rotation” functionalities. These adjust mouse movements/wheel rotation functions can be used for adjusting the speed of the mouse making them slower or faster.

The application also has a function to switch to between configuration files any time. This function enables users to activate saved configuration files using the button assigned to it. A function to temporarily utilize other joystick number settings is also available. This means that a saved joystick setting will become temporarily active when this functionality is used.