Journey of Hope 1

Alawar Entertainment (Freeware)

Journey of Hope is a mystery-themed hidden object and puzzle game developed by the company, Alawar Entertainment. The main character is named Jade Pearce, who is the daughter of an acclaimed archeologist. Her father’s sudden disappearance prompts her to meet up with an old friend, who is supposed to give more clues about what really happened to her father. Things get more curious when Jade’s friend fails to turn up. The player assumes the role of Jade’s assistant as she goes on an adventure to find her missing father. With a plane ticket to South America bought by her father prior to his disappearance, Jade heads of to the last dig site he was working on.

When both Jade and assistant arrive in South America, the search begins. The player must explore the different places where Jade’s father has been to find hidden items and clues. Some of the objects may appear random and useless t the search, completing the entire list could actually produce a valuable clue to the whereabouts of Jade’s father. The player can press the “hint” button to find small, difficult-to-find objects in the scenes. At the end of each level, the player needs to get a key that opens a safe filled with useful objects. These objects will prove useful later on as the player slowly unravels the mystery.