Joulemeter 1.2

Microsoft Research (Freeware)

Joulemeter is a program used for monitoring the computer’s energy consumption. It was first released in 2011. It can be used for both desktop and laptop computers. Aside from computing the overall energy consumption of the computer, the application is also capable of displaying the energy used by different applications that are installed in the system. The program has a simple user interface that is divided into two areas – Calibration and Power Usage.

Under the Calibration tab, users can select one of the three calibration setups available (running on battery, WattsUp PRO for monitors that are on WattsUp, and WattsUp PRO for those that are not on WattsUp). There is also an option to perform manual calibration. To do this, users just have to input values for different categories. Under the Power Usage, users can view the power usage of the monitor, CPU, disk, base, and the total power usage in watts. Users can also enter the name of a program on the search field in order to view how much energy it uses. Joulemeter also comes with a quick start guide that helps users through the process of using the program’s features. The program is useful for both novice and advanced computer users.